Lockwood Salads is a family run business growing the finest leafy salad crops in the heart of rural England.

Here at Lockwood Salads, we love growing stuff! We love salad leaves, getting muddy, tractors, the great outdoors, learning about different growing techniques and of course the Great British summer (on the occasion the sun shines).

We love to produce the best quality food that we can share with our highly valued customers.

The Lockwood Salad’s family works tirelessly to grow, tend and harvest the freshest, happiest leaves for our customers. We are passionate about food, about quality, the health benefits of salad and growing crops in harmony with our natural environment.

We are truly committed to producing the highest quality leaves for everyone to enjoy. We are dedicated to working together as a team with integrity to show commitment to our customers, our quality, our service and our environment. Through working in harmony with our environment and focusing on innovation we work on growing for today, but farming for tomorrow.”
— Adam Lockwood